When making an investment decision on a consultant to improve your negotiation outcomes, there are many variables to consider.

Here aRE a fEw reasons many organizations have chosen Think!

REASON #1: 97%.

The Think! approach is based on our paradigm shifting, two year, 19 country study of buyer behavior. This study (and subsequent studies for every client we’ve worked with) proves that 97% of buyer behavior in negotiation can be anticipated. We know with almost perfect certainty what will happen at the negotiation table across all your deals over the course of the next year. With this knowledge salespeople can begin to systematically change their conversation earlier in the sales process, instead of being surprised at the end of the quarter.

REASON #2: Focus on doing three things at a world class level.

Most negotiation approaches  are derivatives of methodology designed in the 1970’s and 1980’s and focusing on long lists of “soft skills.” The Think! approach stands in sharp contrast. We provide your negotiators with the skills, and most important, the knowledge needed to anticipate and control 97% of buyer behavior. Our solution focuses on a deep understanding of the three things that matter vs. a broad understanding of long lists of tips and tricks. 

REASON #3: Integration With Your Sales Process.

The Think! methodology is purpose built to integrate upstream into your sales process. For too long negotiation has been thought of as separate from selling; this is not the actual way deals are executed. Our simple approach to three concepts that control 97% of the negotiation are embedded into an integrated sales and negotiation process. This approach allows for your team to begin the negotiation process long before customers, or competitors, are thinking about it.

REASON #4: Knowledge of Procurement.

We consult with Fortune 100 procurement organizations and have published books and research papers on buyer negotiation. This practice yields great insight into an actual understanding of how procurement functions. Much like IT, procurement is now being pushed to connect with and enable the larger organizational strategy. This shift provides a great opportunity for salespeople who understand that and can work with procurement.

Reason #5: Strategy to Tactics Connection.

The bottom line is that negotiators need to be negotiating by leveraging your company value strategy and executing deals in line with your pricing and risk strategy. At the center of our approach is not just teaching generic negotiation methodology, but rather arming your team with the knowledge they need to make your strategies come alive one negotiation at a time. 

Reason #6: Leveraging Cloud Technology.

Think! Inc. is the only negotiation consultancy leveraging a Salesforce.com integrated cloud based platform (Value Blueprint) to help your sales teams anticipate and counter 97% of buyer behavior. Knowledge is the new oil for salespeople. However, much like oil it has to be mined and refined into useable formats. The first area is knowledge that helps your sales team combat “same thing” perceptions by providing salespeople with your differentiators vs. competing alternatives. The second area is knowledge that helps salespeople avoid pricing, as well as legal terms and conditions concession pressure.

All of that being said…

Your business problems and desired outcomes (ROI) are unique. Our practice is to prescribe solutions to your currently occurring issues that have been accurately diagnosed. To that end, we execute a cross-functional negotiation diagnostic (at our own investment). This diagnostic is both efficient and effective and will assist you in your decision on which provider is most likely to help you move toward your desired state at higher probability and lower risk.