Digitally enabled buyers are now empowered with more knowledge than ever. Sustainable competitive advantage is being replaced by a series of short term transient advantages. These two shifts alone have radically changed the very nature of business negotiation. Sales teams need solutions that are relevant and effective in the new world of business negotiation.

Think! Inc. is the only negotiation consultancy leveraging knowledge in a cloud based platform (Value Blueprint) to help your sales teams anticipate and counter 97% of buyer behavior. 

Knowledge is the new oil for salespeople. However much like oil it has to be mined and refined into useable formats. While this section is headed “technology”, the focus here is on the real time market knowledge sales teams need to counter commoditization and price pressure. Technology is simply a tool that houses, distributes and updates the knowledge negotiators need to compete.


We know from over 15 years and $20 billion of win/loss reviews that

“winners win when they show customers how they meet their needs at higher confidence and lower risk than competing alternatives”

We also know from a 2 year 19 country study of buyer behavior that

"97% of buyer tactics can be anticipated and fall into two categories; commoditization and concession pressure”

In fact, the most common negotiating tactic globally is

“I can get the same thing (commoditization) from your competitor cheaper (concession)”.

Our customization process yields real time market knowledge in two areas.

The first is knowledge that helps sales teams combat “same thing” by providing them with your differentiators vs. competing alternatives. The second area is knowledge that helps them avoid pricing and legal terms and conditions concession pressure.

Please contact us to learn more about both the process for customizing this knowledge for your sales teams and delivering it to them in a cloud based platform.