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With Brainshark’s sales readiness technology, and Think! and 5600blue’s content and intellectual property, companies can improve sales and negotiation outcomes, and close more deals. Click here to read press release.

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The data collection and application skills Think! teaches are part of a research-based process grounded in the way real people conduct real negotiations. Read our articles based on this original research to find out more about the why negotiation needs to be redefined and how to go about doing just that within your own organization.. 

Enable Your Growth Strategy (17 pages)
Evolution of Sales and Negotiation (20 pages)
Negotiating Myths (14 pages)
Redefining Negotiation: Driving Adoption and ROI (4 pages)
Value Blueprint App for Sales (7 pages)
Speaking the Language of Procurement (13 pages)


When it comes right down to it, you don't want stories about how negotiation training improved my salesforce, or to know that lots of smiley faces are appearing on the post-workshop evaluations. You want hard facts.  And here they are - all in one place.  Proven business results at six organizations:

Just released: Sonoco Products Case Study (14 pages)

Dun & Bradstreet Denmark Case Study (7 pages)
IBI Case Study (5 pages)
Livingston Case Study (5 pages)
Nalco Case Study (8 pages)
Ryder Case Study (5 pages)


Think! has also redefined negotiation on the procurement side. With more than 50 plus years of experience on both the buy and sell sides of deals, we offer holistic thinking and analysis based on multiple internal customer needs on both the buy and sell sides.  This section specifically focuses on our negotiation research related to buyers.

Buyer Diagnostic Overview (12 pages)
Redefining Procurement Negotiation (4 pages)
Single Source Negotiation (5 pages)
Value Blueprint App for Buyers (11 pages
Speaking the Language of Procurement (13 pages)


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Negotiation Blueprinting

An overview of Negotiation Blueprinting.


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