Diagnosing root causes of negotiation failure

In the negotiation field, acute, surface-level pain is often expressed as “our margins are down” or “our salespeople are giving in on price too quickly." Yet these are merely symptoms of a problem that don’t contain enough information to stage an intervention. There are many root causes of negotiation problems creating these symptoms and driving this pain – some selling-related, some cross-functional – such as: 

• Selling the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong level

• Inconsistent execution of their sales methodology

• A nonexistent or highly variable sales process

• Fundamental issues with the company’s value proposition

• A messy, complicated, silo-driven, internal negotiation-approval process

• Complicated deal-approval portals

• External factors such as emerging competitors buying market share

Symptoms such as price pressure, declining margins and many more can be addressed, but only if their root causes are understood. Think! Inc. will diagnose your current and desired state and provide you with a draft of ROI success metrics prior to providing you with a proposal. 

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